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Automated Testing

Manually testing your sites or web apps sucks. It's repetitive, time-consuming and boring. We eliminate all of that and make it easy, even for non-technical people, to achieve real test automation in 5 minutesUnderline.

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Automated web testing
that anyone can use.

Record tests while using your product, using our recorder.
We process the tests, maintain themUnderline, and run them on Chrome for you.

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Debug your software,
not your tests

For every action you record, Browse AI generates tens of selectors to find the element you interacted with. These selectors allow us to maintain your tests as you make changes to your product.

Browse AI records a video every time it runs your tests. When a test fails or when changes are detected, you'll be able to quickly identify the cause using the video and the list of steps.

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Get notified immediately
when there's a problem with your site

We send you an email alert as soon as we detect a change in one of your test screenshots or if a test fails.

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